Timber Sales Melbourne Offers Special Pricing on Premium Hardwood

1.-Spotted-Gum-Products-Flooring-300x300Kangaroo Ground, Australia – Feb. 4, 2016 – Sean Manning, owner of Homeleigh Discount Timber announced that timber sales Melbourne includes special pricing on quality Australian hardwoods. The special for this month is Tasmanian Oak at just $38.

“It’s an excellent wood for hardwood flooring,” said Manning.

Tasmanian Oak comes in a wide variety of colours ranging from almost white to a light yellow straw colour, along with shades of pink and cream. It’s also available in a light reddish brown to dark chocolate. The wood is highly versatile, growing in areas ranging from wet forests to mountainous areas, a factor that contributes to its extensive colour variations.

The wood is a combination of three Eucalypt species encompassing Alpine Ash, Mountain Ash and Messmate. It produces a very straight grain popular for traditional hardwood floors and engineered hardwood flooring. Timber sales in Melbourne demonstrate that many customers are also choosing it for paneling, interior stairs, rails, balustrades, and accents.

The wood produces a warm colour in multiple shades that can be matched with other woods and furnishings for a complementary décor. Tasmanian Oak has been known to survive severe wildfires and it brings that same toughness and resilience to home uses.

The experts at Homeleigh Discount Timber have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. They’re cognizant of the characteristics each type of wood embodies and provide customers with assistance in choosing the correct hardwood for the appropriate application in homes, businesses and commercial venues.

Homeleigh Discount Timber is environmentally minded, sourcing its hardwoods from certified eco-friendly and sustainable Australian forests. The timber specialists work with an extensive network of suppliers that allows the company to source most domestic timber, along with pre-stained international woods that include French and European oak. Customers will find help in estimating how much lumber will be needed for their projects, free quotes, and low-cost delivery throughout Australia.

The monthly specials offered by Homeleigh Discount Timber provide consumers working with a budget to obtain some of the most highly desirable hardwoods for their homes and businesses. The company offers a variety of hardwoods, treated pine and recycled wood for flooring, decking, screens and structural needs, along with framing, decking and cladding.


About Homeleigh Discount Timber

Homeleigh Discount Timber is a family-owned business with more than 30 years of experience within the industry, providing quality timber at competitive discount prices. The company specialises in Australian hardwoods and maintains an extensive network of suppliers to source a wide variety of timber for flooring and decking needs.


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Diamond Valley Emergency Plumber Provides 24/7 Aid Before Problems Escalate

Plumber ElthamDiamond Valley, Australia – Jan. 17, 2016 – The Diamond Valley emergency plumber services provided by Precision Plumbing & Earthworks are available 24/7, at night, on weekends and during holidays when even a minor problem can ruin festivities and result in a disaster. Prompt and courteous service, combined with 100 percent fixed pricing that contains no hidden fees has earned the company a premiere reputation.

“Clogged drains and broken pipes are immediate needs that require quick attention,” said Ben Farrell, owner of Precision Plumbing and Earthworks.

Running water, flushing toilets and hot water are more than just modern conveniences – they’re necessities. Modern plumbing systems are complex arrangements that can break down and cease to function for any number of reasons. Diamond Valley emergency service is available to address a wide range of needs and is available at the first sign of a breakdown.

Before a minor inconvenience turns into a major malfunction, there are signs that consumers may notice that indicate an impending problem. Drains in sinks, showers and bathtubs that take longer than usual to evacuate water can be addressed before they stop working entirely and create a backup or overflow.

Water pressure that has a reduced stream may be an indication of a defective faucet, a tap that needs to be replaced, or a pipe that’s leaky, broken or partially frozen. While pipe problem can occur anytime, winter places special stresses on systems. Multiple types of water heaters are also serviced, including gas, electric, solar and instantaneous models.

A toilet that won’t flush is particularly vexing and requires the immediate services of an emergency plumber to prevent an overflow. The underlying difficulty could be a clog resulting from a myriad of causes. Toilets that run without filling the cistern are also within the expertise of an emergency plumber.

Sometimes a drainage problem is the result of difficulties with underground pipes, a situation that Precision Plumbing professionals are well qualified to handle. The use of high pressure equipment and advanced technology that includes CCTVs enables the plumbing experts to locate and identify the problems quickly. Exact excavations can be performed to address pipes that have become cracked, broken or dislodged.

The Diamond Valley emergency plumber services provided by Precision Plumbing & Earthworks ensure a prompt resolution for problems ranging from clogged drains and broken pipes to dysfunctional water heaters. The company provides free disposal of defective water heaters, repairs and replaces taps, and offers repair, maintenance and replacement of roofs.


About Precision Plumbing

Precision Plumbing provides 24/7 emergency and general plumbing services for clients within the Diamond Valley across Melbourne’s north eastern suburbs.


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