4 Differences between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

Wants to create an aesthetically pleasing room in your house? Or do you want to decorate your room with some new paint or furnishings?

These are two different jobs, done by two different set of people. One is interior designers melbourne and other is Interior Decorator. These two words are interchangeably used which is a misconception.

Wants to know the difference between the two?

In this article, I will tell first tell you what is Interior Design and Interior Decoration and then I will talk about the 4 differences between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator.

What is Interior Design?

Melbourne interior design is the art of enhancing the indoor space of a building to make it functional and aesthetically pleasing to eyes of the people living in that building. Interior designing is more linked to understanding people’s behavior, their needs and then creating a functional space for them.

What is Interior Decoration?

Interior decoration is about embellishing an already existed interior place rather than creating one from the scratch. Decoration is to beautify an existing space with fashionable or attractive things. An Interior Decorator will paint walls, throws a center rug, selects and places furniture, puts up some lamps or even selects a wall art.

How do they differ?

1.   Education

One of the most important differences between Interior Designer and Decorator is about Education. Interior Designer needs a proper accredited degree or specialized diplomas/courses to works as an Interior Designer. They need to have proper knowledge about local codes and regulations to work well with all the stakeholders involved in building the house. They even have to be trained on Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs.

Whereas, Interior Decorator does not require a professional degree to start working as a decorator, a diploma course will be sufficient. Their job is not as technical as of Interior Designers. Their work is related to aesthetics and not structural planning, which requires proper in-depth knowledge gained through proper education.

2.   Job Responsibilities

Interior stylist melbourne are more focused on spatial arrangements, color, functionality, ergonomics, acoustics, architectures and textiles of the given space.

On the other hand, Interior Designers looks after aesthetics of that room and creates an ambiance which reflects the personality of the person living in that room. They work on what already has been built and make it beautiful by adding furniture, rugs, lamps, wall art, paint walls etc.

3.   Who they work with?

Interior designers mostly work with contractors and architects to achieve what client desires. Whereas, Interior decorator works directly with the owner and furniture makers, upholsters, paint sellers etc.

4.   At what stage they are required?

Interior designers are called at the early stage and are involved since the beginning to work on the structural aspects of the designs. They need to work in coordination with not only the owner but also all the stakeholders involved in the project.

On contrary, Interior decorators are brought closer to the end of the project where they need to beautify the final look of the space. They are not involved with all the stakeholders but just the owner.

Now, you know the major difference between Interior Designer and Decorator. So, tell me which type of job you have in your mind and who will you be calling?

24 Hour Local Locksmith Solutions

When you need a locksmith, you need them in a hurry. For immediate solutions to any locksmith problems, call us. We are your local, 24-hour locksmith offering a full-service solution to all and any of your locksmith requirements.

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Our friendly staff are qualified, accredited, well trained and highly experienced in all aspects of locks, keys and related security issues. We are also fully licensed and insured so you can have peace of mind that the job will be done well and done well. Call us anytime, day or night for any locksmith requirements.


We offer a full range of services from key cutting to car locksmith services as well as home and locksmith Melbourne.

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Our focus is to add value to your property and give you and your family peace of mind.

We offer the following services:

Key cutting (including laser cut keys)
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Comprehensive Guide to Hiring a Commercial Locksmith

commercial locksmith melbourne

Are you looking for a commercial locksmith melbourne? Wondering how you can hire a commercial locksmith? Have you ever been locked out of your home or car? Well, everyone has to go through this once in their lifetime. We all need the services of a local eltham locksmith. When you are locked out of your home, a residential locksmith will come in handy.

However, when you are locked out of a business, you will need the services of a commercial locksmith. For those who don’t know, a commercial locksmith is a professional locksmith who offers their services for commercial and industrial customers only.

When it comes to hiring a local melbourne locksmith, you need to focus on various things and have to be careful. Of course, you don’t want to invite fraud or thieves in your building. So, to help you make an informed decision, we have mentioned how to choose a professional commercial locksmith.

Read on to know what services are offered by a commercial locksmith.

Reasons to Hire Commercial Locksmith

There is no doubt that businesses have plenty of expensive equipment along with valuable information. Every business owner wants to keep their assets safe and secure. The owner has a lot to deal with and cannot do everything on their own. So, looking for locksmith services in melbourne might be a sensible option for following reasons:

  • If you have locked yourself out of the office building.
  • They will help in keeping your business safe and protected.
  • To prevent thieves from breaking in, the security system should be re-coded.
  • A commercial locksmith will be helpful if you want to implement access control systems.
  • To have complete control of your office through the master key.

Services Offered by Commercial Locksmith

There is a wide range of services offered by a local montmorency locksmith. Here are some of the services usually provided by locksmiths.

  • Lock repair
  • Lock change
  • Installation of new lock
  • Emergency lockout service
  • Commercial door repair
  • Installation and repair of CCTV system
  • Computer locks installation
  • Master re-keying
  • Installation of keyless entry door locks
  • Intercom system installation

Things to Consider When Hiring A Commercial Locksmith

A professional local templestowe locksmith is needed in emergencies like when you are locked out of your office or when moving to a new office building. Fortunately, you might locksmith services other rather than for emergencies as well. For instance, you want to upgrade your security system.

The most challenging task is to look for a reliable and reputable professional. We have mentioned a few things that you should focus on.

  • License- you should always hire a licensed locksmith as there are numerous fraud locksmiths out there.
  • Experience- the level of experience is also a crucial factor. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be associated with a number of years worked. Instead it should refer to the skills and capability to dealing with every lock problem.
  • Services- another thing you need to consider is the services they offer. Whether they provide the services you are looking for or not.
  • Distance- it is an imperative factor that is often ignored. Since you might the services of a locksmith in emergencies, the distance should not be too much. So, they can reach you quickly.

We hope this guide will help you choose the best local greensborough locksmith.


The Planning Process involved in Town Planning

The best town planner in Melbourne requires smart strategies and concerned research to create the perfect plans for towns. Most of the time, the town planners conduct surveys in the area and consult the public to learn about the ongoing problems of people in town and any suggestions they would like to work on. Town planning Melbourne is a complex and detailed process; and planning the perfect strategies for different sectors in an area can be time taking as well as complicated. 

For all plans and strategies created by the town planners, there is a specific planning process which involves a lot of steps in order to fully complete a plan. Although the planning process is now digital, following are some steps that can help you create the perfect strategies.

1. Meeting Before Application

The council suggests all applicants to first attend a meeting with them prior to submitting applications. This way, the council is aware of your aims and strategies and your application will stay safe from any unnecessary delays in the process of its approval.

2. Submission of Planning Before Application

It is important to first submit the planning proposal prior the application. The planning proposal will be approved by the town planner and will then be forwarded to the council once you apply.

3. Sending a Request for Further Information

Sometimes, in case of incomplete planning permit applications, the council sends a notice requiring further information regarding your proposal.

4. Consulting the Community and Advertising Agencies

For applications that involve using the land on a large scale; such as development of land or building any new houses, applications are advertised. This way, all businesses, units and houses are notified of the plan.

5. Objection to the Planning Permit Application

Sometimes, there can be instances where you are facing some concerns. In this case, you can lodge an objection to Council for your planning permit application – a professional town planner in Maroondah city council can help.

6. Appeal to VCAT for Decision on Planning Permit Application

In case you feel otherwise the decision you get for your planning permit application, you can appeal to VCAT for a review of the council’s decision.

7. Extension of Time for Planning Permit

Sometimes, there are complications that can lead to mismanagement problems in you planning permit. This is not on part of the council; however, you can always request for an extension in the expiry date for your planning permit.

8. Enforcement of Planning

Once you have received your approval or the Planning Permit, it is then the responsibility of the Council to ensure that the land you are using for your plan is being developed according to the approved plan and is in limit with the conditions on the permit.


The Town Planning Process is a long and complicated one since it involves the decision of not only the town planner in Manningham, but the council as well. Once you have cleared the stage of approval for planning permit with the council, you can easily implement your strategies and plan on the land you are using.


Expert Shower Installation & Repair Services

Are you looking for a shower repair and installation services in Melbourne?

Then consider yourself fortunate! Because we provide a variety of shower repair and installation services. Do you want to install a new shower or you simply need to have parts repaired or replaced? The Melbourne shower repairs experts can get the job done without consuming much time. Our professional technicians specialize on different types of shower installations and repairs services.

Call us today and you’ll be excited because of how appealing we can make your bathroom look and feel!

Furthermore, bathrooms are no longer what they’re known for. In our modern day, they feature a wide variety of showers and its accessories. With all these available options, you have no doubt of having a boring worn out showers. We’ll provide you with multiple samples that are available which will enable when you decide what suits you best, and after that we’ll proceed to deliver a top quality service on either repair or installation.


When we decide to install a new shower in your home, we do not just only install to enhance your bathroom appearance, rather we strive to provide an excellent service that would to make your showering experience memorable. Our team of committed, qualified and professional shower repair and installation services would deliver exactly what you want. Our main priority is to make sure that you have a perfect shower that you’d always dreamed of.

However, we’ve gained past knowledge and experience because we’ve been in this industry for a long time. Based on this, we know how to combine the best equipment and expertise to deliver the best services. By working with us, we assure you of getting a long-term solutions for your shower problems.


Have you been constantly repairing your shower? However, the chances that you’d failed to recognize is that it’s just a matter of time and your system will entirely shut down! The repairs could be either leaking, clogging, short-circuit or that your system does not regulate well. While some of the repairs may look practically easy, appropriate repairs is what matters most. We will help you spot-out the main cause of the problem with the help of our past professional years of experience in the industry.

Also, before we begin the repair, we will take time to analyze the situation and as well give you the appropriate cost. If the condition approves a repair, then we go ahead and fix, but, if we realize that the cost of repair is more than the original cost of fixing the shower, then we’ll recommend installing a new shower all together.

However, we offer the undermentioned repair services:

1. Poor water pressure

2. Showerhead repair and replacement

3. Faucets repair and replacement

4. Leaky pipes repairs

5. Water pipe relocation

6. Clogged shower drain

Furthermore, we pride ourselves to offering the undermentioned services:

• We offer a fast response to any shower repair and installation services

• Our trucks are fully stocked with necessary equipment’s and materials

• Offering assistance in planning upgrades and installations

• Offering a cost-effective services

• 100% guarantee on all work performed.

Lastly, if you cannot stand the thought of putting your family through a day without the bathroom, then contact the hot water service Eltham. Our friendly and professional technicians are always available to help you and we guarantee a professional service at an affordable rate.


Landscape and Garden Design Tips

Organise your sweet home with the fundamental landscape and garden design tips

 When it comes to shifting into a new home, then a lot of thing need to be taken care of. it can be an exciting, exhaustive, and sometimes scary process for not only the new first timer, or for the well-seasoned owner who’s moved more than a few times in their lives. The landscape architecture of the property deserve the same amount of attention as the house itself because it’s not only a matter of pride but also with an attractive and well-kept garden one can make a good impression in the society. But making a good piece of garden in the new house from the beginning is a bit daunting task. Thus, below are some basic designing tips using which you can easily organisation your garden.

Start Living the Space First

New homeowners simply need to live in their homes for several months before they actually start making the shifting. In the meantime, one can trim the hedges, Mow the lawn, plant some containers.  However, it is good not to add plant material, remove beds, construct living spaces, create paths until you know that you are going to use the house.

You will start to notice that some things about your new landscape and garden require your attention above others. It maybe is like prevailing winds from the north are cooling your home more than enough in the winter, and you could use a windbreak to help. Maybe you need some shade somewhere on your property where your family likes to play the most. You will eventually learn about where the most used pathways exist around your property, where established areas for certain jobs are naturally occurring.

Establish the Budget

The best way to approach towards setting landscape design ideas into your action with landscape changes rotates around one simple thing, and that is how much money you have to spend on your projects? If you have the money, you could hire a landscape designer Melbourne architect who you will work with to establish all your needs at once, and then hire a landscaping firm help to get it done.

But, if you’re looking for a pocket-friendly alternative, then you need to consider about which projects should come first, and if you should go Do-It-Yourself or not. One common mistake a lot of new homeowners have is they underestimate how much money landscaping actually costs, so projects often go partially unfinished. Be sure to do a lot of research before you buy anything and take on only what you can comfortably afford.

Write down your Plans on Paper

Before you buy one brick or toss your spade into the lawn, make sure you have an established plan, written down and drawn out, step by step so that you have a beginning and a goal in mind for one particular project. If you’re using hardscape materials, make sure you calculate how much you’ll need accurately. If you require help, you can contact with a landscape architect or professional company that provides the material you’ll want to use, and they can help guide you through an estimation process so that you don’t have to buy a lot of things or too little of a product. Make sure you have all the essential tools needed to install the product correctly.

Get Ready for Hard Work

Whether you are laying the foundation for a new patio yourself or letting your garden ideas become a reality or even living through weeks of continuous noise from bobcats or jackhammers and, you’re about to do a lot of task as a garden designer Melbourne for your new house. Set aside plenty of time to get your job done, or simply do whatever you can do in the time you have and don’t stress about it. Sometimes things go well during installation of a project, and sometimes they don’t. Expect blisters, maybe a twisted ankle, dirty nails and clothes, and maybe even sunburn if you’re installing yourself.

Your hard work is starting to make your new home look and feel like your own. Invite your friends and family at your place to enjoy, and post lots of photos on your favourite social media site.


Introduction to Pipe Insulation

The role of lagging and insulation in providing better living

The insulation of pipe is done to maintain the temperature inside the line.  The pipes which are insulated can be vertical as well as horizontal. In order to avoid sweating over the surfaces you need to have proper insulation.  Once you are done with insulation you can maintain proper temperature with minimum loss of heat.

As far as insulation is concerned Polyurethane foam is considered to be much better than other insulating materials available in the market. You can also do cladding over the pipeline which can be done by using aluminium, GI pre coated and SS. In order to enhance the durability of insulation metal cladding is done. Pipe laggers are used to overcome lagging in pipes both in domestic and commercial locations.

Pipe insulation has many benefits and it serves you for good number of years. In areas like garages, parks and under floors pipes are left in the open and are hit directly by dirt and snow in the cold weather. Lagging the pipe can help to prevent the outburst of the pipe.

The best part of insulating your pipes is that you will end-up paying lesser amount of heating bills. You can reduce your bills up to 2%. Sound lagging also plays a vital role in saving heat.

Types of insulation

This is the most common type of pipe lagging used in many parts of the world. The material of insulation is made of Polyethylene and is made indifferent sizes to get fit in every pipe. This insulation is helpful to regain the loss of heat from the pipes. This method is mainly beneficial for areas like lofts and under floors.

This method of lagging requires the sealing of joints between sections by using a foil tape. The best thing about this insulation is that it not only looks good but it also helps to avoid loss of heat from the pipe. This method of lagging is highly recommended for garages.

Fyrewrap installation
Fyrewrap installation is one of the most preferred methods to provide insulation. The best part of using Firewrap is that it has undergone testing in order to ensure that it meets the benchmark as far as health and its impact on environment is concerned. Similarly sound insulation is a great option to maintain heat within the pipe and eventually save you energy.

Benefits of sound installation
In order to provide sound insulation inside the house acoustic and sound proofing materials are used.
The best part of sound insulation is that it not only conserves the energy but also helps to make the place sound proof. You can also use foam or fibre glass insulation which will make the outside noise tolerable for you. You can also fill the walls with rolls of cellulose or fibreglass or you can also use to fill the cavities in the wall.

You must be aware that insulation of home requires you to spend some amount of money. However the good news is that if you are not able to afford insulation of your house on your own you can take help from the government.


Diamond Valley Emergency Plumber Provides 24/7 Aid Before Problems Escalate

Plumber ElthamDiamond Valley, Australia – Jan. 17, 2016 – The Diamond Valley emergency plumber services provided by Precision Plumbing & Earthworks are available 24/7, at night, on weekends and during holidays when even a minor problem can ruin festivities and result in a disaster. Prompt and courteous service, combined with 100 percent fixed pricing that contains no hidden fees has earned the company a premiere reputation.

“Clogged drains and broken pipes are immediate needs that require quick attention,” said Ben Farrell, owner of Precision Plumbing and Earthworks.

Running water, flushing toilets and hot water are more than just modern conveniences – they’re necessities. Modern plumbing systems are complex arrangements that can break down and cease to function for any number of reasons. Diamond Valley emergency service is available to address a wide range of needs and is available at the first sign of a breakdown.

Before a minor inconvenience turns into a major malfunction, there are signs that consumers may notice that indicate an impending problem. Drains in sinks, showers and bathtubs that take longer than usual to evacuate water can be addressed before they stop working entirely and create a backup or overflow.

Water pressure that has a reduced stream may be an indication of a defective faucet, a tap that needs to be replaced, or a pipe that’s leaky, broken or partially frozen. While pipe problem can occur anytime, winter places special stresses on systems. Multiple types of water heaters are also serviced, including gas, electric, solar and instantaneous models.

A toilet that won’t flush is particularly vexing and requires the immediate services of an emergency plumber in heidelberg to prevent an overflow. The underlying difficulty could be a clog resulting from a myriad of causes. Toilets that run without filling the cistern are also within the expertise of an emergency plumber.

Sometimes a drainage problem is the result of difficulties with underground pipes, a situation that Precision Plumbing professionals are well qualified to handle. The use of high pressure equipment and advanced technology that includes CCTVs enables the plumbing experts to locate and identify the problems quickly. Exact excavations can be performed to address pipes that have become cracked, broken or dislodged.

The Diamond Valley emergency plumber services provided by Precision Plumbing & Earthworks ensure a prompt resolution for problems ranging from clogged drains and broken pipes to dysfunctional water heaters. The company provides free disposal of defective water heaters, repairs and replaces taps, and offers repair, maintenance and replacement of roofs.

About Precision Plumbing

Precision Plumbing provides 24/7 emergency and general plumbing services for clients within the Diamond Valley across Melbourne’s north eastern suburbs.

Media Contact

Owner: Ben Farrell

Website: https://www.precisionplumbingonline.com.au/

Email: info@precisionplumbingonline.com.au

Phone: 0421 134 184