Month: October 2019

The Planning Process involved in Town Planning

The best town planner in Melbourne requires smart strategies and concerned research to create the perfect plans for towns. Most of the time, the town planners conduct surveys in the area and consult the public to learn about the ongoing problems of people in town and any suggestions they would like to work on. Town planning Melbourne is a complex and detailed process; and planning the perfect strategies for different sectors in an area can be time taking as well as complicated. 

For all plans and strategies created by the town planners, there is a specific planning process which involves a lot of steps in order to fully complete a plan. Although the planning process is now digital, following are some steps that can help you create the perfect strategies.

1. Meeting Before Application

The council suggests all applicants to first attend a meeting with them prior to submitting planning permit applications Melbourne. This way, the council is aware of your aims and strategies and your application will stay safe from any unnecessary delays in the process of its approval.

2. Submission of Planning Before Application

It is important to first submit the planning proposal prior the application. The planning proposal will be approved by the town planner and will then be forwarded to the council once you apply.

3. Sending a Request for Further Information

Sometimes, in case of incomplete planning permit applications, the council sends a notice requiring further information regarding your proposal.

4. Consulting the Community and Advertising Agencies

For applications that involve using the land on a large scale; such as development of land or building any new houses, applications are advertised. This way, all businesses, units and houses are notified of the plan.

5. Objection to the Planning Permit Application

Sometimes, there can be instances where you are facing some concerns. In this case, you can lodge an objection to Council for your planning permit application – a professional town planner in Maroondah city council can help.

6. Appeal to VCAT for Decision on Planning Permit Application

In case you feel otherwise the decision you get for your planning permit application, you can appeal to VCAT for a review of the council’s decision. A town planner can provide VCAT advocacy Melbourne to assist you in presenting your case.

7. Extension of Time for Planning Permit

Sometimes, there are complications that can lead to mismanagement problems in you planning permit. This is not on part of the council; however, you can always request for an extension in the expiry date for your planning permit.

8. Enforcement of Planning

Once you have received your approval or the Planning Permit, it is then the responsibility of the Council to ensure that the land you are using for your plan is being developed according to the approved plan and is in limit with the conditions on the permit.


The Town Planning Process is a long and complicated one since it involves the decision of not only the town planner in Manningham, but the council as well. Once you have cleared the stage of approval for planning permit with the council, you can easily implement your strategies and plan on the land you are using.