Month: October 2019

The Planning Process involved in Town Planning

The best town planner in Melbourne requires smart strategies and concerned research to create the perfect plans for towns. Most of the time, the town planners conduct surveys in the area and consult the public to learn about the ongoing problems of people in town and any suggestions they would like to work on. Town planning Melbourne is a complex and detailed process; and planning the perfect strategies for different sectors in an area can be time taking as well as complicated. 

For all plans and strategies created by the town planners, there is a specific planning process which involves a lot of steps in order to fully complete a plan. Although the planning process is now digital, following are some steps that can help you create the perfect strategies.

1. Meeting Before Application

The council suggests all applicants to first attend a meeting with them prior to submitting applications. This way, the council is aware of your aims and strategies and your application will stay safe from any unnecessary delays in the process of its approval.

2. Submission of Planning Before Application

It is important to first submit the planning proposal prior the application. The planning proposal will be approved by the town planner and will then be forwarded to the council once you apply.

3. Sending a Request for Further Information

Sometimes, in case of incomplete planning permit applications, the council sends a notice requiring further information regarding your proposal.

4. Consulting the Community and Advertising Agencies

For applications that involve using the land on a large scale; such as development of land or building any new houses, applications are advertised. This way, all businesses, units and houses are notified of the plan.

5. Objection to the Planning Permit Application

Sometimes, there can be instances where you are facing some concerns. In this case, you can lodge an objection to Council for your planning permit application – a professional town planner in Maroondah city council can help.

6. Appeal to VCAT for Decision on Planning Permit Application

In case you feel otherwise the decision you get for your planning permit application, you can appeal to VCAT for a review of the council’s decision.

7. Extension of Time for Planning Permit

Sometimes, there are complications that can lead to mismanagement problems in you planning permit. This is not on part of the council; however, you can always request for an extension in the expiry date for your planning permit.

8. Enforcement of Planning

Once you have received your approval or the Planning Permit, it is then the responsibility of the Council to ensure that the land you are using for your plan is being developed according to the approved plan and is in limit with the conditions on the permit.


The Town Planning Process is a long and complicated one since it involves the decision of not only the town planner in Manningham, but the council as well. Once you have cleared the stage of approval for planning permit with the council, you can easily implement your strategies and plan on the land you are using.

Comprehensive Guide to Hiring a Commercial Locksmith

commercial locksmith melbourne

Are you looking for a commercial locksmith melbourne? Wondering how you can hire a commercial locksmith? Have you ever been locked out of your home or car? Well, everyone has to go through this once in their lifetime. We all need the services of a locksmith. When you are locked out of your home, a residential locksmith will come in handy.

However, when you are locked out of a business, you will need the services of a commercial locksmith. For those who don’t know, a commercial locksmith is a professional locksmith who offers their services for commercial and industrial customers only.

When it comes to hiring a local melbourne locksmith, you need to focus on various things and have to be careful. Of course, you don’t want to invite fraud or thieves in your building. So, to help you make an informed decision, we have mentioned how to choose a professional commercial locksmith.

Read on to know what services are offered by a commercial locksmith.

Reasons to Hire Commercial Locksmith

There is no doubt that businesses have plenty of expensive equipment along with valuable information. Every business owner wants to keep their assets safe and secure. The owner has a lot to deal with and cannot do everything on their own. So, looking for locksmith services in melbourne might be a sensible option for following reasons:

  • If you have locked yourself out of the office building.
  • They will help in keeping your business safe and protected.
  • To prevent thieves from breaking in, the security system should be re-coded.
  • A commercial locksmith will be helpful if you want to implement access control systems.
  • To have complete control of your office through the master key.

Services Offered by Commercial Locksmith

There is a wide range of services offered by a commercial locksmith. Here are some of the services usually provided by locksmiths.

  • Lock repair
  • Lock change
  • Installation of new lock
  • Emergency lockout service
  • Commercial door repair
  • Installation and repair of CCTV system
  • Computer locks installation
  • Master re-keying
  • Installation of keyless entry door locks
  • Intercom system installation

Things to Consider When Hiring A Commercial Locksmith

A professional locksmith is needed in emergencies like when you are locked out of your office or when moving to a new office building. Fortunately, you might locksmith services other rather than for emergencies as well. For instance, you want to upgrade your security system.

The most challenging task is to look for a reliable and reputable professional. We have mentioned a few things that you should focus on.

  • License- you should always hire a licensed locksmith as there are numerous fraud locksmiths out there.
  • Experience- the level of experience is also a crucial factor. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be associated with a number of years worked. Instead it should refer to the skills and capability to dealing with every lock problem.
  • Services- another thing you need to consider is the services they offer. Whether they provide the services you are looking for or not.
  • Distance- it is an imperative factor that is often ignored. Since you might the services of a locksmith in emergencies, the distance should not be too much. So, they can reach you quickly.

We hope this guide will help you choose the best commercial locksmith.


Kitchens with the WOW Factor

Cabinet makers Greensborough offer services and innovative solutions for kitchens and bathroom vanities, entertainment and wall units, laundry and linen cabinets, wardrobes, shelving and alfresco joinery.

It’s easy to renew any room with the assistance of a professional joiner. They’re masters of utilizing even an odd and unusual space to its best advantage for convenient and comfortable living. Remodeling, renovating, updating and modernizing are all major projects that shouldn’t be undertaken without the aid of a cabinet maker.

The kitchen is a focal point in any home. It’s where family and friends gather to share food, good times, and discuss issues of importance. A user-friendly kitchen design creates warmth and welcome in the room, inviting people to linger.

Top 10 benefits of utilizing the expertise of a professional joiner.

  1. Clears clutter
  2. More effective use of space
  3. Additional storage areas
  4. Better organization
  5. Greater safety
  6. Improves home value
  7. Makes kitchens more energy efficient
  8. Custom made cabinets for oddly shaped areas
  9. Kitchen Cabinets Bundoora reflect the homeowner’s personality
  10. Professional design services

The cabinet maker has worked with high-end residential, commercial and business clients to transform structures into efficient, people-friendly areas. The artisans know the properties of various wood types, their best uses, and how heat, air conditioning and environmental factors will affect the durability and aesthetic quality.

Kitchen makers source materials from some of the most well-known and respected brands in the industry. The company’s professionals have created unique and innovative solutions for clients ranging from minimalistic styles to luxurious sophistication, along with specialised fabrication and fittings installations.

Cabinet makers maintain offices in multiple locations for customer convenience. The firm provides free no obligation quotes and consumers can request a free brochure. Clients have the benefit of professionals that work with them from the initial concept phase to completed project and who have garnered a reputation for excellence.