Expert Shower Installation & Repair Services

Are you looking for a shower repair and installation services in Melbourne?

Then consider yourself fortunate! Because we provide a variety of shower repair and installation services. Do you want to install a new shower or you simply need to have parts repaired or replaced? The Melbourne shower repairs experts can get the job done without consuming much time. Our professional technicians specialize on different types of shower installations and repairs services.

Call us today and you’ll be excited because of how appealing we can make your bathroom look and feel!

Furthermore, bathrooms are no longer what they’re known for. In our modern day, they feature a wide variety of showers and its accessories. With all these available options, you have no doubt of having a boring worn out showers. We’ll provide you with multiple samples that are available which will enable when you decide what suits you best, and after that we’ll proceed to deliver a top quality service on either repair or installation.


When we decide to install a new shower in your home, we do not just only install to enhance your bathroom appearance, rather we strive to provide an excellent service that would to make your showering experience memorable. Our team of committed, qualified and professional shower repair and installation services would deliver exactly what you want. Our main priority is to make sure that you have a perfect shower that you’d always dreamed of.

However, we’ve gained past knowledge and experience because we’ve been in this industry for a long time. Based on this, we know how to combine the best equipment and expertise to deliver the best services. By working with us, we assure you of getting a long-term solutions for your shower problems.


Have you been constantly repairing your shower? However, the chances that you’d failed to recognize is that it’s just a matter of time and your system will entirely shut down! The repairs could be either leaking, clogging, short-circuit or that your system does not regulate well. While some of the repairs may look practically easy, appropriate repairs is what matters most. We will help you spot-out the main cause of the problem with the help of our past professional years of experience in the industry.

Also, before we begin the repair, we will take time to analyze the situation and as well give you the appropriate cost. If the condition approves a repair, then we go ahead and fix, but, if we realize that the cost of repair is more than the original cost of fixing the shower, then we’ll recommend installing a new shower all together.

However, we offer the undermentioned repair services:

1. Poor water pressure

2. Showerhead repair and replacement

3. Faucets repair and replacement

4. Leaky pipes repairs

5. Water pipe relocation

6. Clogged shower drain

Furthermore, we pride ourselves to offering the undermentioned services:

• We offer a fast response to any shower repair and installation services

• Our trucks are fully stocked with necessary equipment’s and materials

• Offering assistance in planning upgrades and installations

• Offering a cost-effective services

• 100% guarantee on all work performed.

Lastly, if you cannot stand the thought of putting your family through a day without the bathroom, then contact the hot water service Eltham. Our friendly and professional technicians are always available to help you and we guarantee a professional service at an affordable rate.

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